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Wedding Flowers: Bouquet Boutique’s Guide to Budgeting for the Big Day!

Every eager, blushing bride has so many beautiful moments to look forward to when it comes to matrimony. The beautiful thing about weddings is that every ceremony is unique and custom to reflect the love and personalities of the couple to be. Beautifully ornate as well as simply minimalistic weddings still require planning, which can be stressful for future wives. However, incorporating flowers into your wedding does not have to be stressful. We have put together our guide full of tips and tricks of how to beautifully include flowers into your ceremony without hassle and worry!

The starting point we recommend for brides on their floral adventure is to begin browsing and spark some inspiration. This can come from wedding expos, magazines, and/or online sources. Paying attention to color combinations, types of flowers, textures, and patterns you like is important. Saving these pictures to bring into a consultation or to send in a text or email can be very helpful when it comes time to discussing flower choice.

Next it is important for us to figure out exactly how many flower pieces you need for the wedding, and what specific pieces. Example: do you only need wedding pieces for the wedding party, such as a bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, corsages, and boutonnières? Will you then also need centerpieces for the reception? How many? Will there be a Sweetheart table? Would you like flowers to adore your cake? Do the ushers need flowers? Will there be petals on the ground? Some brides consider certain pieces to be integral parts of their wedding; (ex. If I do not have a flower girl, my wedding is ruined!) whereas other brides may instead value something else, such as striking altar pieces.

Most of the couples that we have worked with have had a floral budget of around $2000 and have allotted somewhere between 10-12% of their wedding budget on flowers. Our experienced staff look forward to sitting down with couples to hear their ideas and help figure out the logistics to make their vision a reality within their means. When the cost needs to be slightly offset to make that dream come true, we use constructive strategies to assist the customer. Here are some things that our wedding specialist recommends:

  • Use floral decorations in more than one location. Example: An arbor piece can be transferred to the reception area as a head table piece. Bridal bouquets can also be dropped into cylinder vases to serve as centerpieces at dining tables.
  • Bring your own containers and decorations to incorporate into the designs. Use votives and candles alongside flowers to give a romantic and personal feel in the space.
  • Choose flowers that are in season and readily available. Flowers that are not grown locally that must be transported long distance or are grown elsewhere out of season bring up cost and can be hard or impossible for florists to attain.
  • Decide on a few focal flowers and highlight them by surrounding them with wispy greens and less expensive flowers. Keep the variety limited as too much variety increases cost. Some flowers, such as peonies, can cost around $10 per stem. This must be taken into consideration when determining a realistic budget. Example: If $100 is allotted for a bridal bouquet, then 12 of these flowers at $10 a stem would not be feasible, but a few of them could be center stage and stunning when paired with affordable accent flower.
  •  Choose a naturally beautiful venue that allows the flowers to accent the beauty. Examples are garden areas, gazebos, and cottages.
  • Choose a few key areas at your reception to adorn with flowers, such as the sweetheart table or the cake table. Not every surface of the reception needs to be covered in flowers.
  • Be open-minded and do not be afraid to ask our staff for advice! We are here to help!
  • Pick up or transport your flowers instead of arranging for delivery. 

To set up a consultation with our friendly and knowledgeable staff, call us at 336-632-9559 or tell us about your upcoming wedding with our Consultation Request form.


Read on for more tips on choosing flowers for your big day and the meanings behind them!

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Let us help you design your all-important bridal bouquet! As you put a lot of thought into the flowers you carry down the aisle, consider the shape, color and flowers to include. Whether you prefer a popular “rounded” bridal bouquet shape or a “looser/cascading” bouquet shape, Bouquet Boutique by Send Your Love Florist and Gifts can assist you with your important wedding bouquet design.


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