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Birthday Flowers in Greensboro

What are traditional birthday flowers for people born in January?

     According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the traditional birthday flowers associated with the month of January are especially fragrant carnations and delicate snowdrops. 

     The botanical name of carnations, Dianthus caryophyllus, roughly translates to mean “flower of love” and anyone who receives carnations as birthday flowers in Greensboro is bound to agree. Native to the Mediterranean, carnations are now cultivated around the world and remain one of the most widely available commercial blooms. Oil derived from carnation blossoms may be used to add fragrance to perfumes, candles, and body butters. As if there were not enough wonderful things to say about carnations, they are also one of the longest-lasting bouquet flowers and can stay fresh and lovely for up to three weeks with proper care. These flowers are also diverse in color, and each color has a different meaning! Light red represents admiration, dark red a deep love, pink a Mother’s love, white innocence, and yellow rejection. Pink carnations symbolize a mother’s unyielding love because according to Christian lore, pink carnations sprouted from the tears of the Virgin Mary as she wept for Jesus. 

     Our shop carries a wide variety of carnations of many colors. Stop by for a dozen, or any number arranged, wrapped, or incorporated into a mixed arrangement. These flowers are perfect for a cheerful arrangement, traditional for a sympathy, arrangement, and also a fun pop of color when added to a dish garden or indoor plant. 

     Snowdrops, while lovely, are not as long-lasting, but they make a nice gift to celebrate a January birthday. They used to be considered bad luck because they often grow in graveyards, BUT-in the words of the great Bob Dylan-the times they are a-changin'! Because they are one of the first flowers to bloom after winter, snowdrops now signify hope and new beginnings says The Old Farmer's Almanac. The snowdrop flower is called Galantus nivalis, a combination of the Greek word Galanthus, meaning milk, and nivalis, meaning snow-like, thus hailing the name snowdrop! They can be grown in pots and are very attractive to bees. 


What are traditional February birthday blooms?

     If you want to present a special someone with birthday flowers in Greensboro in February, consider violets and primroses. 

     According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, a gift of violets signifies loyalty, true love, and deep devotion. Named in accordance to their purple petals along with the Amethyst, February’s birthstone, violets are stunning and make excellent gifts. Primroses come with a similar sentiment and mean that the giver cannot bear to live without the affection and attention of the recipient. Both February flowers may be given as a living plant that the receiver can cultivate and enjoy for years.

     Violets are sweet-scented and though well-known for purple blooms, they can also be white, blue, or yellow. White petals signify “taking a chance” whilst purple means “I’ll always be true.” The violet has been chosen as the state flower for Illinois, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Wisconsin. Medieval herbalists often used violet flowers for healing properties. There are over 500 species of violets, including pansies, which are hybrid plants that are closely related and boast similar petals. What an interesting flower! 

     African violets make great gifts. Consider a basket with a blooming African violet and a beautiful ribbon and matching, soaring butterfly! Our shop can supply one of these stunning baskets for any occasion.

     The colorful perennial primrose is the second flower of February-born friends, and the undying affection representation of these flowers often coincides with the idea of young love. They are one of the first flowers to bloom as winter subsides, as their Latin origin “primus” meaning “first” suggests. These flowers can be dried and added to teas, tossed onto salads, and even made into wine. The benefits of consuming primrose include relief of headaches, insomnia, congestion, and cough, and can even be incorporated into a weight loss regimen. In England, it is bad luck to bring primrose into the home in any amount other than 13. If brought into the home, be sure to keep primrose out of reach from any animals as it is toxic. Gifting someone a primrose is a great way to express “I won’t let you go” and is also very practical!


Which flowers are traditional for March birthdays?

     For the first two months of the year enjoy a pair of traditional birthday flowers. Not so with March, which boasts the cheerful daffodil as its birthday bloom. When you present someone with a bouquet of daffodils, you are telling them that you feel sunny and bright whenever they are around, explains The Old Farmer's Almanac. In history, the daffodil has been associated with rebirth and new beginnings because they are the very first flowers to bloom after the winter frost. If you give daffodils, you are sending the message “You are an angel.” It is believed to be bad luck if you send a single daffodil, but a whole bouquet symbolizes good fortune.


What flowers are right for an April birthday?

     Persons born in April love to receive flowers, and nothing is more traditional than daisies

    According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, daisies signify purity, loyalty, and innocence. In the olden days, a gift of daisies meant the giver could keep a secret. Most children have played the game “He loves me…he loves me not” which involves plucking daisy petals one by one while chanting the phrase until all of the petals are discarded. This French game is a way traditional way of foretelling how a person feels about you. The English term daes eage means “day’s eye” which is where daisy gets its name. Daisies are prevalent worldwide and come in many colors. Egyptians used daisies to treat many illnesses. The symbolism of innocence comes from the old days when women would wear daisies in their hair to convey freedom from guilt and immoral acts.


What flowers are fitting for May birthdays?

     Lily of the valley and Hawthorn are the star buds of the month of May, says The Old Farmer’s Almanac! The lily of the valley is a fragrant blooming flower that signifies humility and a return to happiness. Lily of the valley surprisingly are not true lilies. Instead, they are members of the Asparagus family and are known for the sweet scent that comes from their white (or pink) bell-shaped blooms and is also known as the May lily for their abundant bloom in the respective month. Convallaria majalis is the scientific name that translates to “Valley plant, belonging to May”. One legend of this flower’s origin is that Eve’s tears turned into lily of the valley flower when she got banished from the Garden of Eden. Another tale says that the flower emerged from Mother Mary’s tears during the crucifixion of Jesus. As a result, two other names for this flower are Our Lady’s Tears and Mary’s Tears. May Bells is a third name, related to its bell-like shape. Blooms on these flowers can last 6 to 10 days with proper care and handling. These flowers are especially perishable during the summer when the temperature is typically high. It is crucial to take extra care when handling these fragile blooms. 

     The other May flower is the hawthorn plant, which represents hope and supreme happiness.  Hawthorns are not typically used in cut flower arrangements like lily of the valley but rather enjoyed outside. Crataegus is the genus of shrubs and trees that the hawthorn belongs to, and some other names include quickthorn, haw berry, and whitethorn. Hawthorn is also commonly referred to as the May tree because, during this month, the Crataegus monogyna type of Hawthorn boasts many pink and white blooms. Gardeners often use this plant as ornamental hedges. Hawthorn can also be associated with protection because most species possess thorns. Gifting someone a hawthorn flower means that you want only the best for the receiver.


 Which flowers are traditional gifts for June birthdays?

     The Old Farmer’s Almanac states that June’s birthday flowers are the rose and the honeysuckle. There are over 100 types of roses, with many different meanings. The most well-known colors and meanings are:
  • Red symbolizes the classic, romantic “I love you”.
  • White symbolizes innocence, purity, and new beginnings. 
  • Pink roses mean perfect happiness.

     A bouquet of multiple roses means sincere gratitude. A single rose amplifies the meaning of the single color. However, it has become a tradition that when ordering flowers for a spouse, romantic partner, or someone you have feelings for, a great way to say “I desire you” is by ordering 12 red roses, or roses in multiples of 12. Roses have been dubbed “The Queen of Flowers” and have been arguably the most popular and adored flowers worldwide. According to fossil evidence, roses are 35 million years old and were first cultivated in Central Asia about 5,000 years ago. According to Greek mythology, roses were created by the tears of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, and Adonis’ blood. Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, wanted to be associated with the sweet smell of roses so she used flowers in public spaces often and filled her bed with rose petals on the night of her wedding. 

     Our shop often carries a wide variety of rose colors, as well as spray roses and silk roses. We sell roses in any quantity, arranged in a vase, or wrapped. You can always order a mixed arrangement and request that roses be included in the arrangement and we will happily comply!

     The honeysuckle is the other June flower, which symbolizes everlasting bonds of love. These flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies. The shrub forms of these plants make great hedges. It is important to avoid the non-native, invasive types of honeysuckle such as the Japanese variety, one of 200 species. There are a variety of honeysuckle colors, including yellow, white, red, and pink. Honeysuckle sachets under pillows are thought to bring pleasant dreams, and this flower is widely used in many perfumes and cosmetics.


 Which flowers are traditional gifts for August birthdays?

      The Old Farmer’s Almanac states that August’s birthday flowers are the Gladiolus and the Poppy

     Gladiolus are known as the “sword lily” because they say that the heart is being “pierced with love”, and because the Latin name gladius means “sword”, referring to the tall, spikey shape of the bloom.  These flowers represent absolute infatuation, as well as remembrance because they have a reputation as being a classic funeral flower. This flower is known as being the flower of the gladiators because, during Ancient Rome, gladiators fought “to the death of gladioli” and crowds would cover the winner in colorful gladiolus flowers. These flowers then also became representative of honor and strong moral character. Another flower with different colors holding different meanings, here are the corresponding colors and their symbolism:

  • Purple gladioli represent charm and grace.
  • Red gladioli convey love.
  • White gladioli represent innocence.
  • Pink gladioli show compassion.
  • Yellow gladioli display joy.

   There are over 200 species of this flower, and the plants range from two to five feet tall. To put that into perspective, that is taller than the writer of this article! This flower is native to tropical Africa and around the Middle East and Africa. Experts believe that these plants were first brought to Europe in the 18th century and that gardeners began to cultivate them and create hybrids that became popular in gardens and as cuts. New shades developed in Belgium in the 1830s, the French discovered a new species with deep purple streaks in 1870, and 2000 varieties of gladiolas were developed and named by the 1880s. They arrived in American nurseries around 1891. 

     The poppy is the second August flower, which symbolizes pleasure. White poppies are given for consolation and yellow for wishes of wealth and success.

     Bouquet Boutique regularly uses stunning gladiolus flowers in our standing spray sympathy arrangements as long-lasting, striking line flowers, but we can use these great buds in a birthday arrangement as well! Call us today to discuss incorporating these beautiful blooms into an arrangement.


  What are traditional birthday flowers for people born in September?

     September boasts two birthday flowers- the aster and the morning glory! 

     Asters naturally hold many symbolic meanings according to their color, listed below:
  • White represents innocence, purity, as well as new beginnings.
  • Purple symbolizes wisdom, royalty, and nobility.
  • Red/pink symbolizes undying devotion.

     The aster is a member of the daisy family and can be found in North America and Southern Europe. Some folks know of the aster as frost flowers, Michaelmas daisies, or starworts. “Aster” originates from a Greek word that means “star”, referring to the star-shaped flowers of the plant and relating to a popular story about the Greek Titan goddess of falling stars. According to legend, the aster flower came from her tears as she began to weep when she felt like there weren’t enough stars in the sky. These flowers play an important role in traditional medicine, as ancient people used to smoke and burn these flowers to ward off negative energy. Native tribes used these flowers to treat muscle pain, headaches, flu, and colds. The aster flower represented daintiness in the Victorian era and has long been known as the emblem of the royal family in Europe. This is why the purple variety has been known to represent nobility, wisdom, and royalty. Since white represents innocence and purity, these blooms are often given for celebrations like a new job or high school graduation. The aster is one of the official 20th wedding anniversary flowers. Red or pink asters, symbolizing undying devotion, would be perfect for that sort of anniversary!

     Speaking of September flowers and hallmark anniversary flowers, Morning Glorys need apply! These blooms are the other September birth flower and are the official flower for an 11th wedding anniversary. Because these flowers bloom in the morning and then die within the same day, they are hence called “Morning Glory”- the AM is their only time to shine! These flowers represent unrequited love because they have such a short lifespan, and also symbolize affection, mortality, and resurrection. Chinese tradition holds that these flowers determine a single day for lovers to meet. The folklore behind this is that two young lovers neglected their duties and the gods separated them on opposite sides of a river, permitting them only to meet for a single day in a year. 

     Don’t show your love a single day of the year! Consider sending flowers often and let your loved ones know they are loved and cared for.


  What are traditional October birthday blooms?

     Marigolds and cosmos grace the months of October, and those born in this month may feel their energy!

     Marigolds are known for their vibrant orange color. Native to the Mediterranean, these flowers were first cultivated by the Aztecs, who believed that they possessed magical properties. Spanish conquistadors took them back to Spain where they were grown in monasteries for years to come. The flower was then grown throughout Europe and eventually, the rest of the world. Marigolds have been used as dyes, in cooking, and in medicine. They are used as decoration for All Saints Day in Mexico and Latin America on altars. They are one of the most popular flowers in the United States, often found in nurseries and home gardens.

     Marigolds bloom for almost the entire year and are especially hardy in the fall. They can repel pests. Their smell can repel bacteria growth in the soil and therefore protect other plants. Though the marigold is so bright and colorful, it traditionally symbolized despair and grief over a loved one, as if the sunrays guided the departed to a better life. These hues also represent the power to resurrect through the beauty and warmth of the sun, so we often focus on the more optimistic view of the flower.

     Cosmos, the second October flower, represents harmony and order. Literally comes from the Greek word kosmos, meaning “order”. Priests in Mexico cultivated these plants in mission gardens and gave them this name due to their evenly placed petals. The order and harmony is expressed in the blossom’s symmetry and balance. There is regular double production of leaf and blossom stems. Cosmos are members of the sunflower family. It can range from one to six feet high, taller than the writer of this article! The flowers have a huge range of colors. There is even a type called chocolate cosmos that smells just like chocolate. Would not want to smell that on an empty stomach!


  What is the traditional birthday flower for people born in November?

    The standalone birth flower for November birthdays is the chrysanthemum, typically shortened as “mums.” The Greek prefix “chrys-” means golden and “-anthemion,” means flower. The original color was golden, although there is now a very wide variety of available colors. These beautiful blooms are native to Asia, circa 15th century B.C. There’s a “Festival of Happiness” in Japan that celebrates this flower annually. In Chinese and Japanese culture, it is believed that this flower prevents gray hair, that unfolding the petals represents perfection, that the flower can be used as an object of meditation, and that a single petal placed in the bottom of a glass of wine can enhance longevity. Different colors of this flower hold different meanings, listed below:

  • White: Innocence, Purity.
  • Yellow: Slighted love.
  • Red: “I love you.”

These flowers are some of the most widely grown and cultivated flowers in the world. We get a wide variety of these flowers in our shop almost daily. These flowers look amazing in both traditional and contemporary arrangements. They adorn sympathy wreaths and standings sprays very appropriately. They enhance focal flowers nicely in wedding bouquets and look great in corsages. Ask about chrysanthemums when placing an order with us today.


  Which flowers are traditional gifts for December birthdays?

     The paperwhite narcissus is the December birth flower. It represents faithfulness and conveys a wish for your beloved to stay just the way they are. Narcissus is a genus that includes the widely recognized daffodil, but the paperwhite variety has been the chosen birth flower for December as it blooms in winter when most Narcissus bloom in spring. 

     The name of this flower has origin in Greek mythology. Narcissus was an attractive young hunter who was so attractive that he was obsessed with his own good looks. One day, he was looking at his own reflection in a pond and fell in when he leaned in to take a closer look. He drowned, and now the narcissus is known for being a symbol of vanity in Western culture. In other parts of the world, narcissus carries other meanings. Kurdish culture holds the narcissus as a symbol of the new year. Chinese culture uses narcissus to symbolize the Chinese New Year because it is one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, as well as a symbol of good fortune and wealth for the coming year. Cancer societies around the world hold this flower as a symbol of hope.

     Narcissus is a native of the Mediterranean and brought over to Asia where it became widely cultivated in China. After that, it made its way into Europe and eventually North America. Today, it is mainly grown in Holland, Great Britain, and The Channel Isles.


If you need help choosing the perfect birthday flowers in Greensboro, we'd be delighted to assist. Bouquet Boutique is proudly credentialed by the North Carolina Certified Professional Floral Designers association. When you're ready to place your order for birthday bouquets or flowers for any occasion, please call 336-632-9559