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Choosing a Bridal Bouquet

Now that you’ve chosen the most important part of your outfit, your dress, let us help you design your all-important bridal bouquet! As you put a lot of thought into the flowers you carry down the aisle, consider the shape, color and flowers to include. Whether you prefer a popular “rounded” bridal bouquet shape or a “looser/cascading” bouquet shape, Send Your Love Florist and Gifts can assist you with your important wedding bouquet design. Different types of bouquets include:

  • Biedermeier: a tight, round bouquet filled with flowers cut to the same length and forming concentric circles around each other, appearing striped.
  • Cascade: a very elegant look consisting of a variety of flowers and greens can be hand-tied or designed in an elegant bouquet holder.
  • Contemporary: without shape or form, these bouquets lend themselves to tropical flowers, or more unique flowers for that “one-of-a-kind” look.
  • Hand-tied: a variety of flowers and greens grouped together with an organic shape, finished off with ribbons.
  • Nosegay: a very traditional bouquet using a small group of flowers of similar style and cut to the same length, tied together with a piece of fabric or wire.
  • Pomander: traditionally carried by a Flower Girl, a round ball of flowers with a ribbon handle and worn at the wrist.
  • Posy: a smaller, a flower bouquet with little to no greenery, traditionally carried by petite brides or bridesmaids. 
  • Presentation: a popular “pageant” bouquet, a very formal and elegant bouquet that is carried on the arm and consists of elegant, stately stems such as Calle Lily’s.
  • Round: a larger version of the Posy Bouquet, a ball shaped arrangement with few greens and variety of flowers. Tightly gathered, wrapped in ribbon and pinned.
  • Single stem: A simple, elegant look. Roses and larger, more stately flowers such as a Calle Lily, Peony, Hydrangea or Protea are common.


When considering a “budget friendly” bouquet, consider choosing one type of flower such as daisies, or carnations. Gerber Daisies are also an eye-catching, affordable option. Consider adding a variety of greenery to your bouquet. In conjunction with your choice of flowers, greens can be a cost-efficient addition to fill out your bouquet. Popular greens include a variety of Eucalyptus such as: Spiral Eucalyptus, Seeded Eucalyptus and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus. A popular combination includes a variety of white flowers mixed with a variety of greens for a natural, cascading, elegant bridal bouquet.

When you’re ready to order your wedding flowers, be sure to call Bouquet Boutique by Send Your Love Florist & Gifts to arrange a consultation. We have everything you need to bring your wedding flower ideas to life.