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Perfect Flower Arrangements for Graduation


The scholar in your life has worked so very long and hard. All the hours spent studying, all the sacrificed sleep, and all the dedication and commitment to their education has paid off! It is time for one of the biggest and most memorable days in their life. Flowers are the perfect complement to this sentimental moment


The great thing about graduation flowers is that the opportunity for selection is full of endless choices! There are so many different options to choose from. Here are some suggestions when it comes to picking graduation flower arrangements:

    • Consider the age of the recipient. Are they a younger scholar advancing through preschool, elementary school, or middle school? These kids may find a youthful, novelty vase an absolute hit. High school or college graduates may appreciate a more mature, simplistic vibe expressed through a classic glass vase.
    • What are the school or institution’s official colors? Incorporating these colors into the arrangement is a fantastic way of really personalizing the arrangement. The recipient is sure to hold these flowers with pride!
    • Does the recipient have a particular flower that they enjoy? Making sure to include some exceptionally enjoyed blooms makes the arrangement that much more sentimental.
    • Will you be giving these flowers to the grad at the ceremony or at an indoor celebration? It is common for folks to select wrapped bouquets to give the celebrated scholar immediately following the ceremony, but this often requires holding onto the bouquet for hours, possibly in a stuffy gymnasium or on a hot football field. If a wrap is selected, these flowers must have water tubes at the end of the stems to ensure their survival through the elements. Vase arrangements are more appropriate for a party in a conditioned indoor space. Imagine how awkward it would be to hold a big vase for hours at a time! Consider having this kind of arrangement waiting on a table as a big surprise for an after-party.


Lilies make a great show-stopping focal flower for graduation bouquets. Roses are a classic, timeless way of showing love and admiration. Carnations are long-lasting flowers that the recipient can enjoy for an extended period. Baby’s breath, waxflower, and statice are fluffy accent flowers that will cushion the bigger blooms in the arrangement. Any flower type will fit the occasion!


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