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Prom Corsages and Boutonnieres


The prom is the most exciting event for high schoolers. For girls, part of the experience is finding the perfect dress. A corsage that compliments the dress is most essential to complete her look and give her date butterflies! For guys, a boutonniere that matches the suit and her corsage drives home the classic couple’s style. There is a lot to consider when picking the perfect corsage and boutonniere. If you are a mother, father, or date trying to figure out arranging for a corsage to be made, here are some elements to consider when making choices:


  • What color is her dress? It would be silly to wear a beautiful blue dress and select a corsage filled with flowers and colors that do not match! Be sure to carefully consider which flowers will seamlessly blend with and compliment the dress. Since her date often matches his shirt and tie to her dress, the boutonniere should naturally match the corsage and their coordinating outfits.
  • What look does she gravitate towards? Is she an alternative kind of girl that might appreciate something incredibly funky and unique, or is she an elegant, classy kind of girl? She may be a girl who enjoys a lot of dazzling bling! Corsages often include ribbon and accents such as sparkling leaves, rhinestones, and pearls. Be sure to select accents that express her vibe!
  • What is the size of her wrist? Choosing flowers for a petite girl that are overwhelmingly large may look too bulky and awkward on her wrist. 
  • Does she have a favorite flower? If she does, this is a no brainer! Make sure to include what she enjoys most.


Regarding flower choice- roses, carnations, and orchids are larger flower options for the corsage and boutonniere. Spray roses, miniature carnations, and small orchid blooms can be arranged in a beautiful formation to create a piece that is not overwhelming in size, but still beautiful.


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